PICS!! Mounting 91 teg front signals in r-34 kit???

Mounting turn signal in r- 34 kit?? (PICS)!!

I recently installed an r-34 kit on my teg coupe it looks exactly like the one shown in the artwork section this site. Heres a link to it:

Problem is that there was no place to mount the oem bumper turn signals which for me is the simplest thing to do since the house the mounting brackets for the bulbs. On both sides of the main or center opening in the bumper kit are two openings, an upper and lower separated by a bar. I want to mount my old bumper signals recessed in the upper openings of the kit as there is are holes there provided by the rebar. It occured to me to just use some plastic welder for a permenant attachment, but I’d like it to be more removeable for when it gets painted, turbo install, bulb change, etc. Anyone got any ideas. I’ll try and include some pics for reference. BTW no rice comments please.

Here is a pic of the front with no bumper signals:

Here is a close up of what space I have to work with:

Finally this a picture with the front lights mocked in the spaces, kinda just layed in, but this pic represents the goal:

I did a search for this but came up with nil. Any McGuyver answers are welcomed, I’m pretty handy. Thanks in advance guys.

sorry, I just noticed that I left the hood open and that I put the pics on in reverse order, please forgive.

yo take some pics during day i would like to see it better… black on black hard to see. im old man goin blind