pics of black DA that has wheel spacers and a wide aggressive stance

Ive searched and gone through pages and no luck.

Im searching for a thread or post with front and side pics of a black DA that has wheel spacers and a wide aggressive stance… I think it might have said the wheel spacers were 20mm in front and 15mm in rear not sure but I wanted to confirm and look at the pics again.

Not a great pic but this is my car with 20mm all around

that doesn’t look to bad. i guess if the wheels weren’t OEM it would stick out too far. i say to get the wider look out of an OEM, spacers are good. but anything at least 7" wide should be fine. you ever had problems using spacers? I’ve heard some people say they aren’t good for the car

No problems at all. I ran them for a few months and it felt great. This summer ill be running them with some aftermarket wheels and see how they sit then so well see what happens.

sounds good. no problems with your… what are they called? stems? whatever the bolt goes on, my mind is blank at the second

Wheels studs. No no problems with them. I bought mine off of rexone on here. Heres the link you can see on page 3 how they go on in those pics. You dont have to extend your studs with these. I forgot wat brand they are. Maybe rexone might remember.

ah, i see now. i have heard of those kind of kits but never looked at any. there are kits that require extended studs correct?

You dont need exte ded wheels studs for the type that I have. If you look at the thread that i posted you can see how they go on.

wassup sikauto. ride looks good with the spacers
here are some pics with te37s w/20mm spacers

then without the 20mm spacer same offset but different color te37s

i believe the brand is tcs sportlines

Nothing much rex. Im gettin rid of the Da tho. All the aftermarket parts that are on it are coming off and going on my Db1 tho. Im selling it as a shell all stock. Yea thats the brand now that i remember i kne it had tcs somewhere. Your Db looks nasty i hope mine looks like that good.

pics look really good, keepem coming…

I would of thought the db1 would have a wider stand with 20mm spacers but it kinda looks oem maybe its the camber above that makes them look pushed in from the top of the wheel well.

hmmm… this is new to me. I’d like to try these “studs” out. How much are they for the fronts? I don’t need it in the back. It has washers.

Do the fronts rub on the fenders? What size tires are recommended for these spacers? Will a 205 work? Is this safe to drive in longivity?

I was running 205/50/15s with no problems. No rubbing issues or nothing. Heres their site im not sure what they run for new

rexone what are specs on those wheels specifically the offset???and could you just run a bigger offset instead of spacers??

The most aggressive size you can get in 4x100 is 16x7 +33.

would u happen to have a picture of a 16x7 +33 on a teggy

on here the last post on page 1 shows a 16x7 +25 with 195/50 and if i remember correctly the smaller the number the larger the offset

the smaller the number the “lower” the offset. 7 +25 will stick out 8mm more then 7 +33. Keep in mind offset is dependent on wheel width.

do u know off hand what factory offset is on the teg some were around +38, +40

and if i dont want to run spacers (say a 20mm spacers) i’d take the factory offset minus the spacers width of 20mm and i’d get the correct offset i’d want. lets say on a 16x7 wheel

another good company that makes spacers is ichiba i have some 20mm spacers on the rear of my teg and the rims stick out very slightly past the fender.and they are the kind with studs attached to the spacers.

the offset on the te37s were a +42
you dont want to go a higher offset because the higher you go the more sunked in they will be
i think the perfect flushed offset without rolling fenders would be +30. i ran some rims that were +25 and they were flushed to my rear fender but that was with natural camber. also it didnt rub. here is a few pics of my
Work RS Betas
+25 offset
205/40/16 tires
here is the rear