Pics of da6 under dash

Any one here have any pics of their rhd da conversion? Im in the process and would like some pics of how everything looks behind the dash. My clip was already disassembled when purchased. Any help would be great. Thank you

Take a picture of a driver side…and flip it.

lmao u smart ass…:sipread:

Not gonna lie…I’d probably try it if it were me. haha.

LOL! thanks for da input… already thought of that, but its a little different with the electronic temp control setup that usdm does not have.

what are you trying to figure out i have my wiring out but its not hard at all

Just so you know you can use a usdm one an make it work with the jdm electroniic climate control I know I have done it

I have everything for the swap, just figured seeing pictures of how it was all layed out under would be helpful. original firewall should be out today or tomorrow. cant wait to be done and driving this beast! darussianone… do u have any pics of your swap?

Not sure what pics you want but I do have a build thread on here

What’s your build called??

just look up all his post in his profile.