Pics of "how to" Amber bumper lights ( 92-93 )!! LOOK:)

I know theres already a teg tip on the bumper lights but i figured id add some photos since there arent any in the teg tips. I sanded using 140, 400, 600, 800 and 1500 grit and used the turtle wax as stated, but used a diferent enamel ( pictured ) The teg tips are straight forward, but the only thing i can add besided photos is make sure to let the first coat dry before applying the seccond, as well as USE TWO COATS! the first will only leave the light looking yellowish. Took be about 2 hours total including drying time. Heres the photos. Hope you like them. I definatley like the new look it gave my front end :slight_smile:
After the Polishing

The stuff i used

After the first coat.

After the seccond coat…drying

Front of car after

Passenger side front

Closeup of the light

Well thats it! I hope you guys enjoyed the show, and maybe someone can benefit from my tips :slight_smile:

nice:up: …

archivethis to the teg tips

Roger that rubberduckie.
Copy that sonabitch pile o’ monkey nuts.

what’s the colour of the paint u used. Orange, or AMBER

1 more Q. do you nedd to use teh rubbing compound, what happenes if you pait with out useing the rubbing compound

The guy at the hobby store said the color was a metalic orange. And id go ahead and spend the 4 bucks for the 2 rubing compounds. it removes the scratches and gets the surface ready for paint. The sanding also removes alot of the road grime :slight_smile:

I have brand new bumper lights that have never been on a car, they are perfectly clean and smooth, do I still need to sand them?

I can’t find any paint that will work. I’ve looked and called everywhere that I thought might have it and I’ve found nothing.

Would someone be willing to send me their unused portion or buy a new can of it…and then send it to me? I’ll obviouslly pay for the paint and shipping. Can anyone help me out?

what kind of rubbing compound ?

Tamiya X-26 paint on mine, they turned out pretty good, just gotta take your time.

damn those look good very JDM like. I would also like to add that for those of use who have 90-91 tegs we can have CRX turn signals on our car I belive the year is 89-91 or 90-91 not sure but if you search around for it you’ll see what year it is.

hey guys, (NtenseTeg, skunk2_92gsr) i was wondering if you guys would do this for me? not that i can’t. its only that i have too much work and school so i dont have any spare time on my hands. Heres the deal i buy some clear bumper and corner lights from ebay, have them shipped to either of you guys. you guys work ur magic. and then ship them to me. ill pay for everything and some extra for the labor? so hit me up if interested.


I was at autozone the other day and saw a film the protects headlights and such, probably a good idea for those painted lenses!


Amber Bumper Lenses

I’ve got a pair of these 92-93 amber bumper lenses for sale!!!
E-mail me if interested

Whooo I had just recently painted my front lenses I have a 90 teg so this is what it’ll look like. Oh sorry if the pic sux it’s the only one I got for now.