pics of rear hatch sun visor

alright guys/girls lets c pics of the rear hatch sun visor im interested in buying 1 if i can find it. i would like to c it looks like can anyone help?

not a close pic, but the last black car in the row (DA-MAX’s car) has it

krazyyyy thats soo nice !!!

heres my car back in 94 i think

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that link sucks

hmmm, try this

I want one also and the company that made it is called GTS it’s called the “SolarWing 2” part #51080 here’s the link to it and I just called them to verify that production is current and was told can be ordered at any AutoZone for $80.99

I had the GTS’s solarwing on my car… however, it’s alot bigger then the OEM one, check this thread for pic.

wow that visor is big !!! car looks great very clean nice car !

What does the OEM look likeand how big is it? I just saw a G3 today that had louvers on the back from a camaro/firebird or something!

Heres mine on my cf hatch