Pikyo lower rear tie bar, adjustable.

Pikyo lower rear adjustable tie bar. dont ask me, all i know is its a korean word. i picked it up used for 25bucks. its intended for a 92civic, as you can see from the label on the pic. afaik, as long as its adjustable, ef, eg, dc, and da chassis (88-91 civic, 92-95 civic, 90-2000 integra) should be interchangeable.

INSTALLATION: this bar has those 1.25" blocks on the end, so longer bolts were needed. i got some m10 x 1.25, 100mm bolts and they fit fine. 105-110mm would’ve been exactly the same as stock. other than using a jack to lift the lower arm a bit to align the holes, install is a breeze. all that needed to be modified was the abs brackets, i just unbolted those and left them dangling on top.

PERFORMANCE: immediate increase in cornering ability on familiar roads around the house. mind you i already have all the other bars in place- suspension techniques front and rear sway, cusco front upper, and generic rear upper. if you dont have upgraded sways you may not tell a difference.

CONS: i would have opted to have the center adjustable links eliminated as they present a weak link, despite ‘feeling’ very rigid upon installation. in fact, it seems more rigid than the generic rear upper bar i have that resembles the obx (same bar as this one except no center links - flat, oval bar).

great buy imo, i would suggest it if you can even find one. i’d pay maybe up to 50$, otherwise get something better :smiley:

Nice find :up: