Pinstripe/"Integra" sticker and fading paint

I have a 1990 gs. When I bought it it had all the original emblems and the integra sticker on it. I removed the “Integra” sticker on the back with a blow drier, credit card, and goof off(for the sticky residue). When i took the sticker off, the paint underneath it was left alot brighter than the paint of the rest of the car(obviously since it has not been exposed to the same light)

My question is, I want to remove the pinstripes on my car, but they will leave the same mark as the sticker because the paint underneath them has not been exposed to the sun. So is there any way to make the rest off the paint look better so there is no color difference? ie. buffing, waxing or sumthing?

P.S. I do not want to paint my car, and the paint is in good condition, that is why i have this question. I SEARCHED but there were no topics on the same question as mine.

thanks Josh

Get yourself some nice rubbing compound and lots of elbow grease, you should be alright if you use a fine cut compound. Then top it off with some sort of polish… now the rubbing compound/ wax is to make the rest of your car look like what is underneath the pinstripe. Not Vice-Versa.

I have the turtle rubbing comound(red) and the turtle wax (green) and they did not seem to do very much, i did not do the whole car, but i tried around the sticker part and it did not do very much, do you have any suggestions, becasue i do not mind working hard, to make my car look nice.