Places for engine rebuilding/chipping

BTW… does anyone know of any good place in the bay to get my B18A1 rebuilt as well as the tranny??? i’m currently at 210,000 miles and its at its final stages :/[/QUOTE]

I’ve been wondering the same thing… I need to get my B18B rebuilt, or possibly just get a cheap swap done. any info would be greatly appreciated…

Try DNR in Hayward,or N1 in Fremont.

I would also like to add,

do you guys know any places that offers chipping services or ecu tunes? I need to get the ecu re-mapped. I guess this can be further discussed at the meet.

As far as rebuilds go, it’s kinda difficult to find a decent rebuilder for a good price. I would say for those that want to rebuild, should just swap in a b20b or b20z2. they go for 4 bills with 40-60k miles.

Chipping services, I’m personally ordering a pre-chipped and pre-burned base map for my setup from Xenocron. As far as local goes, I hear RedZone Performance does chipping services. However, their business line is out of service, but I hear they’re still in business. So I would do a walk-in visit.

if anyone goes to N1 let me know my homeboy is a mechanic there.

I’ve heard some shady storied about DNR. What about red zone?

Fuck Red Zone,they did my swap and rebuild my friends motor and fucked us (NOT INCLUDING OTHERS) over. Jeremy don’t work there anymore cause people are looking for him for ripping them off on parts and all,and Wayne changed the number so people can’t call them anymore.
My friends DA has been there for a year now cause he payed for a new transmission and it blew up a week later,they still haven’t fixed the car. I payed to have my new swap to get a new Head gasket, T-stat and timing belt and found out they never touched the thing,so i had to do that myself.
DNR got its bad rep from the black guy that worked there years ago,he no longer works there and the shop is under new ownership. They know what there doing and give good prices as well.

Let me also add that they gave away my old parts without asking me first,they o me well over 500 bucks and Wayne is now ignoring me. My friend and others are suing the shop cause of this. The only guy that seems to be the cool one there would be Branden.

:sad: yeah man, it’s really hard to find somone reputable and trusthworthy these days, especially here in the bay area.

There a place up here that I trust if you need some thing done I can give you his number

b20 I had mine for 5 years never had any problems…

Call Hybridworks from Vallejo and ask for Anthony. They do all that stuff. He’s the only tuner/builder I would trust.

Yes Anthony is a trustworthy guy! Also try BlackTrax Performace and ask for Nat.