please help, battery not charging

Please help. This is driving me crazy. Now I’m ready to sell my car its giving me problems. Battery voltage reading 12V. Changed alternater was ok for 1 week then again 12V. Just changed alternator again to brand new alternator same thing. Somebody please help me. This is driving me crazy.


bad battery maybe? thats what happend to my battery in my old toyota. i though it was the alternator, it turned out he battery had a bad cell in it. go to autozone and have them check the battery and alt.

But the car still starts. do you think it still could be the battery?

wait so when you first installed the new alts it read more than 12v right? after a while the alt would read 12v, is that right?

Well the first alternator read 14v. A week later the battery lights come on. Just got a brand new one today (2nd one) drove around the block and measure it. Read 12v. When to autozone. THey played me for $50 buck. Said the battery was bad, bought a new one and same thing, 12v. Just got the car painted and wanted sell it to invest the money. Now I’m here wasting time and money on this piece of shit. I’m thinking about giving up and just parting it out.

Could be just a bad connection or bad ground? Was the engine bay painted when you had your car painted?