Please help,Cant find my folding mirror relay.

Good morning, i am having a issue with my Da5 (JDM), i have a Da5 (JDM) & Da6 (JDM) and i am in the process of swapping over my mirors from my Da5 to the Da6 because they can fold,from reading the post on here about the mirrors it seems that i have to carry over my switch and my relay also, but the trouble am having is that i cant find the relay, i have checked in the doors and under the dash but the relay is not there, or i should say the ones i see on here, there is nothing in the car that resembles it, i have search and from what i have read it seems the relay is needed for the mirrors to fold.

  1. Is there somewhere else i could look ?
  2. Do i need the relay ?
  3. do you thing its wired into something like under the master switch in the driver side door ?

Please help i really to find this before i give away the Da5 shell.