PLease HElP!! have a big problem!

HI everyone
i have a 90 teg with a b16 and a ys1 tranny , all of my tranny fluid is pouring out of the bottom of the tranny, there is this plate under the car connected to the tranny right by where it conects to the motor and that is where it pours out! its not a gasket its comming from inside the tranny ? anybody have any ideas??? please email me at

did you check both drain plugs?

like robertw said, I would check your drain plugs because unless your main seal on the block is leaking, then it would be the drain plugs or you put a hole through the tranny.

Does the oil look like tranny or motor oil?

Also double check to see if you didn’t accidently push in the tranny seal that accepts the axles.

its not leaking at the drain plugs its over more towards the engine… its oil comming out of it but the engine oil is full , the tranny is supposed to have engine oil in it to… for the main engine oil seal i would have to pull the tranny out right?

eeck, yah the main seal is behind the flywheel so you would have to drop the tranny out.

Is this a used motor you bought? Or your original?

If it’s coming from behind the flywheel cover, it’s one of two things. It’s either your crankshaft mainseal or your mainshaft transmission seal which goes around the mainshaft in the bell housing. Best of luck.