please help me.. any suggestions appreciated.

okay… here’s the low down… i own a 92 GS 4dr automatic… my engine has 220K on it… and yes, i know, thats a lot of miles… anyways, the engine on my G2 is having probz up the yin yang(its leaking power steering fluid, oil leaks, and most of all, im having problems starting it, some slight tranny probz) but yeah, if anyone can give me their personal opinion on what they think i should do(and please consider the fact that im looking for the most cost-effective solution) i would greatly appreciate it.

here’s some guidelines im looking for just so you can give me more specific solutions/suggestions…

i was thinking suggestions along the lines of maybe getting a new motor… maybe not a brand new one, but like a used japanese one… same kind of block(LS)… would that be a good route? would i need a new tranny with it?
maybe getting my engine rebuilt?? i dunno how that stuff works, but i know some people rebuild their engines, but i dunno if that would be a route to go?
if i were to drop either a used/new engine, how much would i be expecting to spend?

sorry so many diff. questions… im a newbie to this board. so yeah, iono… sorry if you get these same quesitons all the time

new engine could be alot your best bet would be getting a used longblock
b18a range from 250-450 (depends on mileage)

b18b are 94 -00 integra motors (same thing as b18a pretty much b18b has better cams and valvetrain) these motors run 500-900

or u could go with a b16a vtec longblock
1st series are 450-600
2 series 92 up range from 700-1100
u will also need a vtec ecu to use vtec

if your tranny is fine thats all u will need , since you dont have a 5sp i would not build it up its cheaper just getting a longblock