Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

my brake have started sinking to the floor and the locking up. what the hell is that. i have fluid, and it builds pressure when the car is off. and it starts out with pressure everytime i hit the brakes but then they sink. where should i start looking. please help me…:frowning:

Sounds like the master cylinder possibly…are there any leaks any where?

haven’t seen any, but how much is the master cylinder gonna cost?

probably about $170 -

prolly the master cylinder
i got one from schucks for $39 so now way it will cost 170 unless u want a brand new one!!

yup its your master cylinder. same thing happen to me before, it was really scary driving around town like that too. i paid 110 for my master cylinder at BAP

Brake problem

The same thing happened to my car and it was the master cylinder. I bought the master cylinder at Kragen Autoparts new with limited lifetime warranty and it costed $41.99 but they charge you $103.03 and then when you take the old master clinder off and take it to Kragen they will give you $50 back. I still have a brake problem though because one of my speed sensors is bad too.

is it something that is easy to install. and is a brake bleeding kit also required for the job?? just wondering for future reference.

The Solution!!!

My Brake Booster the is located near the firewall in the engine area and was bad. It looks like a large round pan and the Master Cylinder is attached to it. I changed the master cylinder and the problem was still there (brakes sunk to the floor when the car was on) so I changed the Booster and BAM! my problem went away…If I were you I’d get the booster replaced first unless the Master Cylinder is leaking or has large amounts of deposits inside the fluid resevoir. The problem for me was the Booster but Master Cylinder was clogged as well. Get it done by a proffessional cause it’s not easy to bleed the system. Good Luck!:werd: