Please Help Me!!!!!

I have a cluch masters Lightened flywheel and an ACT stage 2 clutch. The pressure plate wouldn’t line up on the dowels. ANY ADVICE PLEASE. I need it ASAP, my tranny is off right now, Please someone!!!

It only lines up one way. Have you tried spinning the pressure plate 1/3 of a turn and seeing if that works?? If it doesnt, try turning it another 1/3 turn and it will line up.
Good luck.


Also, even when you get them to line up, it may be a little tough to get it on there. My CM stage 2 on my CM flywheel is a rather tight fit, and I have to be very careful to make sure I don’t have it at an angle when putting it on. I have to tap it lightly to get it to finally go on; it’s a snug fit, which may be the case with the act.

I feel like an ass, I didn’t know it went on 1 way. I guess i was lucky with the stock flywheel. Well i tried it again today and i got it. Thank you for the help. I will remember that for the future. By the way, is the stock flywheel supposed to have heat cracks? There a like 1,000s of little cracks all the way around the flywheel.

Glad I could help you out with that one. Have fun breaking it in for the next 500 miles of stop and go driving. I hated that part…

The answer is no, there should not be cracks on your flywheel, but from the sound of it those could be taken out by getting it resurfaced and are nothing serious.
If you want to know if you have hot spots on the flywheel just look for burn marks.


I plan on making the old flywheel a clock or something (i would have it super lightened) Yeah it had hot spots, just curious.