Please help!!! Speedo?? Tach? Clutch?

I was driving my car tonight and it was running awesome. then I missed a shift getting onto the highway - it accelerated up to 70mph perfectly. i wanted to pass someone so i just gave it more gas but it seemed as if my speedo was stuck on 70, even though i could feel my self moving faster. all of a sudden the speedo jumped up to 75. i thought that was odd, so i got off the highway. as my car was deaccelerating i watched the speedo(using only brakes only to stop), and at almost a near stop it was still showing 20-25 mph. when accelerating the rpms will go up and the car will move but the speedo is lagging behind…even tho the car is actually accelerating. for example: matching the pace of traffic in a 45 my speedo was only showing 25…then it jumped up.

the speedo seemed to lag the whole rest of the way home.

does this sound like maybe a loose speedo cable?(i hope). or something more important like a clutch issue?

or anything else?


its probably your speedometer… the needle may be sticking. it doesn’t make any sense (to me, anyway) that the cable would cause this as it still jumps to the appropriate speed. if it was the cable, you would probably hear some funny noises… i guess to be on the safe side, check out your vss ( on the tranny) and make sure that the speedo cable is firmly in place

Ive had this happen, clip that hold the cable in came out and the speedo cable wasnt sitting in the VSS properly which made the spedometer in the cab jump all over the place.

My speedometer seems to be shaking a little too. I just noticed that today. It’s not doing the sticking thing anymore but it is shaking. Is that the cable?

yea it’s a common problem with g2’s apparently… if you unplug the cable at the transmission side (take off your intake) pull out the steel piece inside, grease it like crazy, reinsert and reassemble everything it should improve… at least for a while…