Please help tokico blues with arospeed coilovers.

Ok please dont flame me for the arospeed this was my first time ever replacing struts i replaced them with tokico blues all around and i was orignally going to put the stock springs back on but the front two springs were broken so i put the coilovers on instead because i didnt want stock springs in the back and coilovers in the front and im tight on money right know. My problem is the tokicos are on and the coilovers also the spring rates are 450p now on the front no matter how much i adjust them the front never gets any lower or higher the top hats are resting on the bumpstops is the resting on bumpstops ok? The back is extremely low like a 1 finger gap but that is resting on the bump stop too so the car is on a slant like 6 inches from fender to top of rim on the front and 3 and 1/2 in the back from fender to top of rim.My original goal was just lower it and inch all around.PLEASE HELP

If you are hitting the bumpstops then you have run out of suspension travel. That’s why they STOP travel. If you hit but your car is too high, sounds like your shocks are for a different car. How does the body length of the tokico measure to the OEM?

there the exact same i made sure i put them side to side and all the part numbers were the same on the tokico site its for a 91 integra rs.

Did you cut the bumpstops when installing the coilovers?

Also… are you sure the coilovers are for your Integra?

No i didnt cut them and i got the coilovers from a huge meet in PA Carlisle Performance and Style they are for my car i just really dont understand how the front wont go any lower like the struts are too long or something now when i had the rear stock springs with the tockicos on the car was not sitting on the bump stop it was normal height im going to adjust the coilovers to be higher up so my rear isnt as low im just kinda at a loss for ideas right now.

Take a pic of how your front setup looks like… I don’t mean the height, I mean a pic of the actual coilovers sitting on the shocks… maybe somehow you did something wrong when installing it?

But like I said before… cut your bumpstops if you want to go a lil lower…

will most definetly do i will have them up by tommorow im also gonna double check everything and raise the back up a little bit thanks for helping.

couldnt do anything today it rained all day i will have them tommorow

Another thing you might want to check is to see if your shocks dropped completely into your forks… sometimes that lil tab on the shocks doesn’t completely go into the groove on the forks and that might make your front end sit a lil higher… just a suggestion.

will do going to check the whole thing over again i will post up my findings thanks for trying to help its starting to drive me nutz.

ok so i looked at the fronts and i had a friend who is a mechanic whos has worked on hondas for years he sayed everything is put on right i checked the serial numbers on the front struts and they are right but they still are sitting on the bumpstops at stock height i guess ill just cut the bumpstops a tad like half an inch. The rear i raised up a tad and am satisfied with it that has the perfect height i was going for. Im gonna go very soon to have the an alignement done. are these springs rates decent 450 in the front and 350 in the rear i know there kind of shitty but i mean will they be fine to drive with. I looked at a friend integra which is a 92 and is lowered and he has the same exact struts as me i noticed his front upper control arms are angled up not like the piece is bent but pushed up i then looked at mine and they are sitting like horizontal should mine move it seems like they dont.Thanks

Wait a minute… did you made sure you put the FRONT coilovers in the front instead of the rear… mixing those up can mess with the ride height…

im sure unless they put them in the wrong boxes to begin with they were marked front and rer why does that spring rate sound weird the coils in the back look like they have a smaller gauge wire the fronts look thicker and are thos spring rates weird. But i dont understand how that would affect the top hat sitting on the bump stop because i can lower it all the way in the front and it still sits on the bump stop and i can also raise it all the way but then it gos higher than stock height my tire size is 195/45/ and its a 15inch rim

those springs rates are fine. also when you install coilovers your suppose to cut your bump stops in half.

Like redtegra said… those rates are fine, just got to make sure you didn’t swap the fronts for rears and vice versa.

Generally the beefier springs go in front. Are all the coilovers and sleeves the same length? Only thing I can think of is that you might have switched it from front to rear shrug

Like I said before… take pics of the setup for the fronts and rears and post it… just wanted to see how your setup looks like…

And cut those bumpstops while you’re at it… that will help it drop a lil bit more… believe it or not… some coilovers on the market do give you a funky uneven drop from front to rear (example H&R’s I believe)… yeh I know… sucks!

aight you guys basically sumed up everything the bumpstops i am going to cut in half and the uneven lowering height is what my friends integras problem is he has H&R. But i will get them pics up soon i will cut the bumpstops in half and thanks for clearing up the spring rate things guys you have been great help with everything i will post some before and afters also asap. Thanks you so much.:bowdown: