Please help w/ differential?!?!


my diff. just broke and i need fix this asap. i was looking under the car…do i have to pull out the transmission or can i just pull off the outer cover? any pointers or step by step to get the diff. would be great.

thanks alot

I went thru 3 tranny’s…Bew the diff on one…

Ur best bet is to get a used tranny and swap the whole thing out…

ANd it comes out from the bottom…

GOOD LUCK!!!:drive:

You have to pull the tranny to remove the differential. It’s not hard with the tranny off and the cover off, but you need to know exactly what you’re doing. You NEED a helms manual for your year car when doing that sort of thing (90-91 trannies are different than 92-93). The helms explains exactly what you need to do in far better detail than anyone here could explain over the forum. Good luck!