Please Help With Head ????

well I did something really stupid, I bought a ITR head from a guy on partstrader. I was fine with the deal but I didn’t check the stamp on the head, (stupid me) I got home and saw it had a PR3-3 stamp on it, I was like wtf? I know a fair share of things about motors but I still don’t know anything about PR3 stamps, if this is not a b18c5 style head I’m going to go get my money back, the only thing that I thought of this to be, hopefully it’s a JDM ITR head. please help.

Well I went over my search for a second time, and I missed one of the posts. Supposedly pr3-3 stands for itr valve train, can anybody else vouch for this? I really don’t want to get screwed 700 bucks. Thanks guys

yup it probly is, does it have green marks like paint near the distributor also you should notice a mild porting in the head