Please Help..

Ok here is one of my biggest problems as of right this moment. I think my O2 sensor is totally gone, I say this because whenever I turn on my car in the mornings or when its been sitting there for a while my rpms stay at like 2000rpms when its in drive, till the car warms up. But if I dont wait for it to warm up then I step on the accelorator to drive and as soon as I reach my first stop the car shakes violently then turns off. If I turn it on again and dont give it alot of gas it will turn off again but after that the problem goes away. Also when ever its still cold the rpms jump from 1000 to 2000 rpms till I put it into drive then it will stop. But as long as its in park or neutral it will keep on revving. My car is a 1990 RS (automatic) it has like 172,500 miles and still running pretty ok. O and my tranny wont shift to 3rd gear till I drive it around for like 10 minutes whenever its still cold. So in the end could it be my oxygen sensor? or is it something else? Could this be linked together in any way? Any replys will be greatly appriciated:bow:

I think that you should do a tune up before anything else. That consists of spark plugs, cap & rotor, spark plug wires (if needed), fuel filter. That should do it there. That is probably where your problem is, not your O2 sensor.
Oh, and make sure to buy all of your parts from honda to save you the headache of cheap aftermarket parts from auto parts stores.

As for the tranny not shifting into 3rd… You should get a tranny fluid change. You have a LOT of miles on that car and it could probably use some good fluid. Buy it from honda, they have good stuff.

For the bouncing idle you should look up the IACV cleaning instructions.


I did do a tune up a little while ago, like about 2 months ago but the problem was still there. When I bought the car it was already doing it in the mornings but went away quickly. (The high revving) but since then its gotten worse. I checked all of my spark plugs and wires but no change. Im not really worried about the tranny cuz im going to get it rebuilt soon but this thing is scary. I guess it only happens to automatics cuz when its in drive the rpms dont jump just stay at 2000rpm when im not stpping on the gas. but then later drop to a normal rpm like 700. Any more ideas anyone???:bowdown: :bowdown: :shrug: :shrug:

what’s the temp gauge at when the rpm is high?

well now I already rebuilt my tranny and its fine the temp gauge doesnt jump around anymore and it shifts like a normal car should, i think. But I still have the problem with the jumping rpms while the car is still cold. But the temp stays normal right below the middle line. while the rpms jump around. But now I got the hang of the car all I really gotta do is warm it up for a good 7 or so minutes and then the car feels brand new.