polyurethane mount inserts

i’ve read up about people filling their mounts with polyurethane. i dont exactly understand the process, however. do you need to take the mounts out to fill them? it’s hard to get a feel for just how the mounts are designed without actually holding one in my hand. all i see is the mount and then two pieces of foamish-rubber on each side of the mount.
thanks for the help! please try to keep the flames to a minimum :wink:

ECHO echo echo echo…

they will need to be removed for best results…and since you need to remove them, just buy the energy suspension inserts. they work great and aren’t as hard as the prothane brand.


Or just fill them with Poly from the hardware store. It works just as well as the ES inserts minus the god-aweful price.

obviously you haven’t actually looked for them if the price is “god awful”. i got mine for $30 shipped :roll:

where can i find em for around that price :slight_smile:

this is where im giong to get mine
18.99 +shipping

i got mine from summit 1 1/2 years ago. not sure if they’re still the same price though. go with the red ones btw.

just got mine 3 weeks ago
31.99 shiped

did you think it was a “godawful” price? personally, i’d rather pay that for the right shit than mess with a bunch of polyurethane goop…