Poor gas mileage, hesitation?


I usually get about 24-28 mpg. I have 93 GS with the mods listed below which are pretty much the same as yours. It sounds like your getting crap mileage. I had problems with a bad idle until I replaced my plugs and wires. Maybe it’s just something that simple.

Did you try a search? This topic has been covered a million times.


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Yeah I’ve tried, but it came up with a million irrelevant results

like what?

sounds like an O2 to me…


How bout this one?


Bad mileage is usually because of a faulty O2 sensor, or the ignition system hasn’t had a tune-up in a long time.

Hey there… Last month I had been clocking just about 220 on an average tank… I knew it was bad so i decided to try replacing my old fuel filter… I got 280 by the end of last week and am keeping an eye on it this refuel… Right now I have 70 miles and i’m at about 3/4 tank… Still not great, but a little better… I’m gonna try a top engine cleaner after this tank… I have new wires, plugs , cap and rotor… I have a 91 int GS MT with 170,000