Poor-man's CAI?

Instead of buying a cold air intake, I hooked up some air ducting to the throtle body and hook up a cone filter up to that. It has a bit more power now and a much better sound.
The only concern is the vaccuum lines that hooked up to the intake now sit open. The car runs fine, but I’m just wondering what those do.


half help

One of those small vacuum hoses goes to the tpv, this is the one with the small black one-way flow canister inline with the hose. As long as you leave the one way valve canister on, it should be fine. The other is (was) connected to the valve cover. This is sort of a breater vent to recycle the gases from the valve cover back to the air intake. Just stick a small 2.5" “breater filter” on the valve cover and it’s fine.