port and polish

sending my head out to get worked on and was woundering the normal power gains from getting it ported and polished witha 3 angle valve job are… what kind of throttle body i should put on it…and if im bringing more air into the engine should i turn up the fuel pressure at all…sugestions help and yes i am a noobie at this but i will have the car on the dyno before the head goes on it along with whatever people suggest i should also add to it. im keeping the stock cams in it at the moment and am thinking of a bigger throttle body but unsure what one i should put on it and is there any other honda throttle bodies i can throw on? thanks alot

no opinions at all…ok well i did alot of searching aound, i found nothing on if i should turn up the fuel pressure at all, so im guessing i shouldnt?

What are the other mods done to your engine and what type of engine is it?

I’m with db2, What other mods do you have done? You prob wont need a bigger throttle body, just clean and hone the one you have.

yea i only have i/h/e…my buddy works at a mechine shop and is doin all the work to my head for only 40$ so i couldnt tell him no. i was just curious thats all, im piecing togther a turbo kit at the moment that includes a t25 turbo crushed 1g bov fmic 440cc ionjectors so i figured i would get as much done to the intake side as possible thanks guys

btw that t25 is kinda small for our motors, unless you want low end power. Also why not get a set of DSM 450’s (black or blue top)? What do you plan on running as an ecu? Do you plan on tuning the car once its done? there is tons of info needed to turbo a car. Like, what are your Power goals?etc…

well im tryin to get at least 200 anything more would b nice but my goal is 200-225 yea i plan on tuning itbut only on the afc b/c i just want to get the feel of boost while my bottom end is getting built. ive herd that the t25 would b decent for our motor and i picked up a rebuilt 1 with “ceramic ball bearing” or whatever he said for 80$ it was rebuilt too cuz i check it out and he even gave the receit… but yea im making a pt cruiser turbo fmic fit but its just gonna get new ends welded on. but yea my goal would be 200-225 but if thats not possible i wouldnt care as long as i got some type of boost from it. but yea you dont see many da’s in delaware especially boosted ones soo either or i would be happy

A bone stock B18A with good compression will make ~200-210 all week long.
Unless your buddy has ported a few heads before and had them flow tested to see an improvement then I would leave the head un-ported.

my buddy did all the head work for my friends that v8s and what not and is really good at what he does. he has the flow bench and thats how he tests all his work to make sure it flows alot better then it did before.o0o0 and when u d a compression test how is it usually performed?¿?

With only the i/h/e if he is good at porting and drastically ports the head than it will probably be sluggish til the higher rpm’s, it should work great though when you do go turbo. When I first put my B20 in my DA I put on an extremely ported head that was done by a very reputable person that ports heads for race engines. But because of the lower compression of the B20 and not having much done to the engine like cams, etc, the head was too much for my block and the block could not flow the head.

i have found that b18 heads have very restrcitive intake ports. they require lot of roof work, and shaping the inner wall of where the intake ports meet( i think this is called knife-edging) makes a world of difference. and a 3 angle valve job would provide even better flow. The HEAD is where the power is made. anything else done to our motor changes airflow volumes and velocities to head…

If he is charging to do the 3 way don’t pay cause if i remember correctly our Honda motors are that way from the factory. Pay for a 5 way though! :angel:

my buddy is only charging me 40$ for the valve guides thats all soo basically if the head comes with a 3 angle job already i really wouldnt care about paying 40$ to get my head rebuilt if thats what it all comes down to…but with the intake manifold i was gonna go with a skunk 2 one and also get a hondata intake gasket