Port n' Polish

Anyone Ported and Polished a GSR head? any results on power gains, or is it not worth the money>?

The results you get from a p’n’p will depend largely upon how your engine is set up. Cams, compression, throttlebody, intake manifold, header and ecu tuning all play a large role in what you get out of it. For instance, on a 12.1:1 compression B18c with Skunk2 Stage 2 cams, Skunk2 manifold, 68mm throttlebody, and a race header (DTR, Hytec, etc.) you can get some really nice results. However, on a completely stock motor (even with bolt-ons) you won’t get as much benefit out of it. This is basically because in stock form our heads already flow pretty well and because of that you would need to increase your engine’s capacity for air flow to match the increased capacity for airflow that you gained from the p’n’p job. Think of it as piecing together a puzzle.

The important things to remember are to go with a reputable head porter and get them to do a job that will match your modifications. In my opinion, which a lot of it is second hand info, a p’n’p job is well worth the money spent on built and many mildly built motors.

now i have a B18c5 intake manifold, and was planning on getting Type R cams, first off, i heard that i may have problems putting them on, but if they fit, would this make the specs for p.n.p different as well, seeing how they are stock honda parts?

What GS-R head are you talking about? A b17a or a b18c1 motor. The c5 cams will fit either one, but the c5 manifold would only fit the b17a head.


Which GSR head on what block with which pistons?

i have a b17a head, stock bottom end

The B17a head is a pr3, basically the same head in an ITR. The only difference is that the ITR is mildly p n’ p from factory. Any B-series VTEC camshafts fit in any b-series VTEC head. You will benefit from the Port n’ polish job either way. Then that’ll leave it open for other modifications that you’ll do. The ITR camshafts and the porting job will give you some good power.


Is it a B18A or B17A bottom end? With stock compression you’ll get some benefit from a p’n’p but there won’t be a whole lot of bang for your buck in it. That is unless you have the head milled a bit to bump up the compression Neither the B17A or B18A are high compresion setups in stock form. To get the maximum benefit out of a good p’n’p job you’ll want higher compression (doesn’t have to be ridiculously high, a moderate increase in compression will yield good results) than either of those blocks (I don’t know which one you have) with stock pistons in them. You’ll also want to increase your engines capacity to “inhale” and “exhale” air to get the best out of it.

If you’re planning on having the head milled to increase your compression and you’re planning some other mods for the future (intake manifold, t-body, air intake, good quality header. etc.) then it will be a worthwhile mod in the long run because those upgrades will help you to get more out of it.

By the way, ITR cams are a pretty good upgrade for that type of setup, especially if you’re building on a budget. Definately get some cam gears and some tuning done so you can make the best out of the cam upgrade.

Got Cams, Now WHAT?

I need some advice on a CAM upgrade. My teg is a 92 GS-R with the
B17A1 engine, at 135K running stock cams with a few mild upgrades, such as AEM CAI, DC Header, Hi-Flow Cat, an OBX 2.5 exhaust, some NGK Iridium plugs/wires, and a Progress Coilover Suspension. I have recently purchased some 2000 Model B18C5 Type R cams. I think these will work fine in my VTEC Head, but I have not started any engine upgrades until now. I plan on purchasing some AEM Cam Gears for the upgrade, and SOME TYPE of valve-train parts as well. Any suggestions on my plan would be appreciated. My goal with this teg is a sporty daily driver that is fast and handles well.