port & polish

if i was to get my b16 head ported is it necessary to get new valve, springs, and retainers? also if i jus get my head ported and not polished is that ok?

if you get your head p&p, with out cleaning up your valves&valve seats, then that is like doing an oil change with out chaning the filter. you will notice a difrence but theres more you are missing and you shuld really just cahnge that filter. you shuold really vet the valve and seat cleaned up. it will let everything flow alot beter, and doing valve jobs arnt hard at all as long as you ahve the right machine.i say just save up the extra money to get it all done all at once.

no money= do a 3 angle with mild porting (you only would polish the exhaust side.valve seals, cam seal
money= radial valve job, bronze guides, springs and retainers, and good headwork, (which will depend on the rpm range you like), valve seals, cams\seal…

i get mine p&p for 350 with new valve seals the place is call CHR RACING
number 303-439-7573. this place is great and does good work. He’ll let you pay half now and when he’s done you pay the other half and he’ll pay the shipping back to you.

ok coo thanx