Portland OR/ Vancouver WA Weekly Meets

Hello all, just spreading the love.

If you live in PNW, I know you have been dying to meet up with other import enthusiasts.

NW threads have been dead for years, but now you can participate in a weekly meet every Sunday.

Rain or shine, hot or cold.

Meet is every Sunday @ 6:30pm at Rose City Self Storage & Wine Valuts. 111 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214 Under the Bridge.

This is NOT an Integra specific meet, all cars/makes/models are welcome, there is just a lot of us Integra guys that go!

More information can be found on facebook. Look up “Red Door Meet” and join the group for up to date information and pictures.

Watch this vid if you want proof of what we are doing here in the PNW yo


That looks like it could be fun to check out. I should have my DB1 up and running real soon. Nice to see some more Portland people chiming in on the site lately.

Not to worry, there is a lot of us, we just been hiding out all these years building our projects. Its about time the PNW shows the rest of the nation how we do things. Be sure to join the page to stay update on new events. Remember, rain, snow, and sunshine, we are out there at the meet. Just be respectful and follow the rules and I’m pretty sure you will call RDM your home too.

I don’t do the Facebook thing so I can’t check out the page but one of these Sundays I will cruise out and check it out. Might be heading up to timberline this Sunday to get some fresh powder. All this snow here is crazy.

wow I feel as if my car isn’t ready for these meets:/ but I have always said pnw has the best cars in the us and this is proof

Not to worry Chaggmeister, we are all in different stages of our builds. There is tons of nice cars, and there is also tons of daily drivers. We do not discriminate or disrespect. We are all here for the love of vehicles. Besides, all car enthusiasts know that just because we show up in one car, doesn’t mean we don’t have another beast sleeping in the garage.

I’m here… i haven’t yet made it to a RDM but I will soon

lol I do have a beast but no of the fwd kind waiting for some life to be breathed into it