Positive cable part #?

Does anyone know the part # to the OEM positive battery cable?

I yanked mine out due to it being super corroded and can’t find the replacement part. Or, would this be wise to “make” since the cable can be made with generic parts right?

I don’t know how much the cable costs at the dealer but yes you can just make your own. You can buy the wires ad clamps at any local autoparts store and while you’re at it… get it in bigger gauge and also upgrade our grounding cable as well…

32410-SK7-A31 thats the part number

thanks for the info

I tried to order it from Honda/Acura…supposedly they’re “discontinued” (whatever that means)

the guy told me he could probably find one in 2 weeks or so

I really wanted a new one so that I don’t run into the cable corrosion that I encountered with my last cable but I couldn’t wait 2 weeks for it so I went to my local junkyard to look for a DA/DB to pull one out

unfortunately I went on a 1/2 price weekend and everyone was pulling out motors left and right…found 3 da’s

2 had their motors gone…one was ok except some jackass snipped the wire running to the fuse!!! who does that!!

anyways, I just pulled the cable out of some honda (either prelude, honda, or accord)…works fine (at least for now)