Possible cruise control solution!

Well, ever since I got my car (6 months ago) my cruise control hasn’t worked and I got it working and here’s how. I always test to see if it is working so I tested it 2 days ago on the freeway. I pushed the set button and nothing. Then I got a little mad and started rapidly pushing the resume button and the green cruise light on the cluster started flashing then stayed on. So I set the speed and it worked but then it shut off. So I pushed the set button twice and the light came on and now it works. I have to repeat these steps when I want to use it after letting the car sit and I am not quite sure what the problem is just yet. For those of you whose cruise control doesn’t work, try this out and tell me what happens.

read in the teg tips… thats how i fixed mine. but i believe its just the same as climate controls. the sodder wears out… so u go under the dash to the harness cut the wires and rewire/sodder them to new toggle switches and voila… but ur way is how i fixed mine about 5 months back and now it works everytime with 1 push of a button so idk. lol. when it quits i will go the route earlier mentioned.

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I did not see anything in the teg tips.

i know this thread is over 2 years old, but im having the same prob.

when if im going say 65 and i press the set button the light will come one then shut right off.
if i press the resume button really fast like 20 times it will come on and engage.
but the car will slow to like 45 or 50.
then i use the excel button to get back up to speed and it will work fine after i get it past the 55 mark.
then i can turn the car off and back on and it will work fine, untill i let the car sit for the night.

its really weird.
the car is a 1990 auto ls.

any help??