Possible CV Joint problem?

I have a 93 LS Special Edition with around 120,000 miles on it. When I take left hand turns there’s a loud clunking that comes from the left front. It started off not so bad and has gradually gotten louder. Also, with just normal driiving there is a slight noise coming from the same place. I thought this would be the CV Joint going bad, but it seems to be fine. The boot looks to be in great shape and there’s no play in wheel when i yank it around. Could this still be a bad CV, or does anybody have any other suggestions to what it could be?

Sounds like the joint to me.

you cannot tell if a CV joint is bad by looking at it externally. I mean if it was F’ed up with a broken boot etc. you could tell, but most of the time the only indication is the all to familiar clunking sound or feedback thru the steering wheel

sounds like it to me.

does your car pull to the left a little bit, and does it look at all like your alignment is off on that wheel?

I just fixed that problem myself the other day with a new axle, and now in need of an alignment cuz the old axles’ inner cv joint must have been seperated.

I have the same problem, but I’ve heard that if it clunks making a left hand turn, it’s the right side axle?

Mine is both sides then… hehehe…

My left c/v started making noise. I know the c/v sound well and knew right away what it was. It only took a couple thousand miles before I had no choice but to replace it as it got real bad real fast. That was almost 30k ago.
Now about 10k ago I started noticing a clicking/thumping sound from the left front but only when cold. After driving a couple miles it went away. Over the last 10k this has progressed into noticeably louder and all the time. It is very noticeable in mild left turns and is still there when going straight until about 25mph. It makes no sound at all turning right.
I have taken it to a tranny/clutch shop and they can find nothing wrong. I believe it is possibly a wheel bearing that is starting to go but the mechanic can find no play in it and says that it will have play before it goes out. Maybe it is a bearing in the tranny at the halfshaft? Or the jackshaft bearing?

Basically I find that to those that are familliar with the c/v joint noise it is very noticeable and not normally mistaken for something else. When a joint starts to make noise it will generally go bad to the point of NEEDING changed rather quickly. Especially in a car that is driven fairly hard. When my joint got bad enough that I had to replace it, it was making noise turning both directions, driving straight, and basically anytime the car was moving. But there are other parts that can and do make sounds that to the untrained ear can be mistaken for c/v noise. Before throwing parts at it make sure you know what your problem is.

mine got so bad that it jerked the wheel with every clunk sound everytime i made a left turn. i thought i was gonna die going down the highway. cv’s are biotches, my cars not even lowered