Possible for LS/Vtec?

I have a B18A1 engine (stock) and a B17A1 engine (stock)…I was wondering if it’s possible to do a LS/Vtec with these parts? Also, would I need other upgrades as well too? Like for an example pistons, rods, valvetrain, cams, etc…A little advice would be of some help…Thanks…


there are some necessary steps that need to be taken for LS/Vtec, then there are more optional steps to take for reliabilty, such as crank balancing, piston squirters, etc…Most Ls/Vtec builders say these things are not necessary, but will ensure a more reliable engine…

My best suggestion is to just search for some threads on building one, I also think there is some tips in the Teg Tips section…Any shop that has experience building one could also give you pointers as to what they do for it…good luck

Well i am not familiar with a b17 head but i believe its vtec right?nvm.Has to be.Well you will ned for ls/vtec:
Vtec b series head
b18a/b block
dowel alignment pins
vtec oil supply(golden eagl oil sandwich plate )
ls head gasket
head studs for b17 (not positive cuz im not familiar with b17)
and wiring i am not sure about.i converted to obd1 and rywire.com helped me with all my wiring.call them and tell them your setup and they can help!Now if you even open the botom end id go micropolish your crank and get arp rod bolts or eagle/ www.tunertoys.com rods .acl bearngs andsome usdm itr pistons or jdm b16 (p30)pistons.then get it blanced and tuned and its gunna fuckin rip

1 word. acutally 2 words and an abbreviation

Golden Eagle MFG.com

tehy have this nice kit to use for this, has everything you need so there’s no machine work. Comes iwth headgasket w/enlarged dowel holes to accept the custom stepped dowel pins that are included with the kit. also has this badass sandwich adapter and a -6 braided line to supply the head with oil. comes iwth the tap thingy to tap the head to screw in the little block thingy.

good luck


pretty good write up right there…Honda Tuning has also done a few articles on building one, but they aren’t on the website so I’ll try to scan them onto my comp tonight :up:

thanks guys for all your help and advice…ill try to see what i can do and look up these informations on sites…:read: thanks!