possible teg in movie

i’m not completely sure if it’s a 2g integra, otherwise it’s an accord because you only see the side of it & it’s blurry anyways

MOVIE: Shoot `Em Up

Time: I don’t have exact time, but it’s after they guy tries to kill the main character & the baby at the play ground & says “Fuck me sideways”

& yes the illusatration below is all you see of the vehicle, it then becomes blurry because the frame moves to the left

Its a 90-93 accord.

I dont think the headlight looks like that of the 90-93 honda accord. Looks more like the g2 integra. The area were the hood meets the foglight is more slanted like on the g2 tegs. I think the 90-93 accords are more rounded. Funny I always notice hondas in movies too.

I don’t think it is a teg. It looks similar, but not close enough. The bumper looks wrong. I will double check later in HD lol. I have the movie on Blu-ray, so maybe it will be easier to tell.

definatly an accord.

90-93 CB7 accord

it was worth a shot lol

Accord, fer sher.

just watched Pineapple Express. it was pretty funny expected more but anyways i spotted a DA missing a hood in the background.

it was the scene where they just gave some junior high school kids a handful of weed each and then gets pulled over by a lady police officer.

yeah i saw dat shiet! White DA with no hood!

movie was highlarious!!

:lol: :down::down::down:

:gunleft:DA9:gunright: :lol:

I saw two in pineapple express. One didnt have a hood, and the other was a rear shot.

Keywords if you go see it.

Boat for the one
Alley for the other

Dont want to give any spoilers.


aw what the, hell why not…:hi5:

its a 92-93 accord to be more exact… the way the bumper opening curves under where the turn signal is (its a space for a fog light) the 90-91’s have the turn signal surounded on the bottom, top, and one side with bumper and the opening is only on the inside.