Post pics of your STICKER SETS!!

Ill start mines off. My bad if theres another thread like this.

:shrug: So where the pics??

EDIT,never mind

Sorry, lol had some technical difficulties. LOL should be up now.

Might be wrong,but having so many stickers on the back window,isn’t that illegal?? I had one on the far top part of the window and got a ticket,and it wasn’t even blocking my view. Now i only have stickers on the sides,ill post pics later.

I’l pretty sure that’s illegal in most states


never got pulled over with my shxt. LOL. knock on wood. but i did not know it was illegal.

i don’t think stickers on the rear window is illegal but im pretty sure stickers on the front windshield is illegal but people do it anyway. hb420, nice lip :up:

Only decal I want/need.

I heart my haters.

No one is hating though…?

lol. all those stickers are all outta place least make them look good.

I’ll have to get pictures of my other ones.