Post your transmission set-up

also state whether is it cable or hydro, and if there are custom gear ratios.

Integra: JDM Y1 with Factory LSD and USDM A1 5th gear set . ClutchMasters 7 lB Flywheel and stage 2 clutch.

CRX: JDM Y1 with OBX-R LSD and USDM A1 5th gear set. Exedy 10 Lb Flywheel and stage 2 clutch.

I prefer the feel of the 10lb Exedy flywheel in the CRX over the 7lb Clutch Masters in the Integra.
If you know anything about B series transmissions you would know that the Y1 is a cable type.

Cable JDM S1 b16 with usdm LS 5th gear, open diff til I get some money. I have an 11-12 lb flywheel and an xtd clutch. I love the gearing with my b18c1, didn’t like the high rpm on the freeway with the b16 5th.

Wow, you guys are making me want to get a B16 tranny with LS 5th gear. I didn’t know this was so common.

cable YS1 case with hydro b16 1st -4th and hydro LS 5th
mfactory LSD
gearspeed/syncrotech carbon moly syncros on 3-4
new 3-4 gear hub and slider
fidanza 8 lb flywheel
exedy clutch
type r shift linkage
oem G3 dual bend shifter

  • Y1 cable tranny rebuilt with GearSpeed carbon coated synchros
  • Stage 4 Competition clutch
  • 12lb Competition flywheel

gsr ys1 tranny with a typer diff. 7lb? clutchmasters flywheel and a exedy stage 1 clutch. meh, i guess.

YS1 case
Full ITR internals including 4.7fd and LSD
Built by the master! (.J.)

I love this thread … I’m done.

colin is your tranny cable?

YS1, Y1, S1, A1, J1 = Cable transmission

Transmission case denotes cable vs hydro, so stating cable vs hydro is pointless and somewhat redundant.

[QUOTE=Colin;2077699][size=4]YS1 case[/size]
Full ITR internals including 4.7fd and LSD
Built by the master! (.J.)[/QUOTE]

jdm b16 s1, have yet to put it in my ls cant wait…bought it for $100 but needs 3rd gear syncro

93 ysi with hydro gsr 1-4 Ls 5th
exedy stage 2 clutch
12lb fly
all bolted up to a b18c1 love it

YS1 with ITR Internals, 4.4 FD and LSD
ACT Stage 2 Clutch
JUN Flywheel

YS1 case with GSR 1-4th LS 5th and B16 4.400 FD
CC stage 5 clutch

I would like to trade out my 1st and 2nd to a b16 hydro

for the moment a ls ys1 tranny… teh suck.

soon (very, very soon) a gsr ys1 tranny, and a machined oem flywheel (12lbs.)… teh yay!

act clutch and pressure plate.

Y1 cable tranny, new synchros
exedy stage 1 organic
stage 2 pressure plate
Act streetlite 12lb flywheel
energy suspension shifter bushings
fidanza short-throw
type-r shift knob
GM Synchromesh

gets the job done…:shrug:

LS YS1 with Cusco 1.5 way LSD. Fidanza 7lb flyweel, Exedy stage 1 pressure plate and OEM clutch disc. The clutch is messed up because I bought it thinking it was a 90-91 S1 (according to the label on the case). Went to install it and turned out the input shaft didn’t match up to the disc. Didn’t have enough time to find a 92-93 Exedy Stage 1 disc and settled with a brand new OEM disc that a local vendor donated.

If anyone wants an almost-new 90-91 Exedy Stage 1 organic disc, I’ve got one for sale. I’ll also consider a trade for the equivalent 92-93 disc.