Power door locks?

I would really like to have power door locks on my car. i have a 91 LS and i have been researching it for a short bit. i see all these random parts for it but i would really like to find stock door panels for the car. I find actuators and control units and all kinds of crap but no door panels that would have a place for the switches. I’d rather not have to make a “custom” hole. ne advice?

you can buy one from a teg that has power door locks, It was a factory option I believe.

You don’t have to make a hole in the current door panel to have power door locks. Are you not going to go with keyless entry?

i’m gonna go with keyless entry but i would like the interior to have a stock look. was it a 92-93 option?

you can find power door locks in literally every trim level from 1990 to 1993. The dealer literature is just a guide. I’ll say it for the 10,000,000,000 time: The 1990 to 1993 integra was a lego car , aside from the GS-R package you could literally have any option in any trim level.

Do you realize how much bigger a pain in the ass it would be to take all the oem power lock junk out and put it on a car without power locks than just adding aftermarket actuators and a keyless entry/alarm? I would say it is not worth it.

And why would the car not have a stock look anymore? Its not like you can see the aftermarket acutators or anything. Acutally it would look cleaner than putting on those stupid looking stock power lock buttons our cars came with.

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haven’t seen an interior with power locks so i wouldn’t know what it looks like. since my door panels are tore up anyways i figured i would find some replacements with the power option. sorry if my question is a bit dumd, I’ve only had the car for about three months so I’m just learning about her. My aunt did a good job of beating the crap out of her. So now I get to put her back together. thanks for the patience

I did an oem power lock install on my teg, I didnt have any troubles at all. I took the door harness, the actuators, the control unit, switches, and interior harness plugs. and then rewired the plugs to the control unit. One thing I found immensly helpful was removing the fenders. It made the harness removal/installation a cake. For the doors all you have to do is cut out a small square for the switch in the insert portion of the door panel behind the handle.

I put aftermarket actuators in my 91 LS when I put in the alarm. I currently have no way to trigger the locks except the remote, if I sell the car without the alarm I’ll just rig a dashboard switch or something to trigger the locks.

i also put actuators in my 90 ls with keyless enrty and they work great