Power loss in surges every few seconds


I have noticed something kinda stranged with my teg.
its a b16a1 XSI.

if i drive my car at low revs for a short period of time (2-5km)
the problem starts. It feels exactly like someone is turning my
air conditioning on and off every few seconds.
the car looses quite a bit of power everytime this happens.

the real odd part is that i dont even have my air conditioning
belt on the car!

…just a shot in the dark, but maybe one of your plugs if fouling out, that could cause a similar loss in power, and the low revs could contribute to the plug fouling.

I’m having a similar problem with my B16A SIR II. When cruising at highway speeds (60-70mph) which puts me betwee 3-4k rpm, sometimes when I go to give it a little extra gas, I get nothing (as in no increase in speed). Then if I stomp on it, it’ll jerk and go as if there was nothing every wrong…it almost feels like a hesitation, but the symptoms aren’t right for an actual hesitation, if you ask me. I personally think it’s a fuel problem, but since it’s so intermittent, I just don’t know…

Sorry to hijack the thread, but since we are having what could be similar problems I figured I’de see if anyone had suggestions. Let me know if you get yours fixed, and what was wrong.

– Kevin :slight_smile:


i tryed everything i could think of that was obvios. i have replaced the fuel filter, Air filter, and i cleaned the plugs… they are iridium plugs that have travlled about 15,000 kms. Also the car has a brand new 2" exhaust system with no cat converter so there should be no restriction there.

Mata_Johan -

Since we are having similar problems, I just wanted to add that I also replaced the fuel filter, and my plugs have about 30k miles on them (regapped them before I installed the engine) and the wires are fine. In addition, my distributor has about 13k miles on and I know for a fact it’s fine. So I think my/our problem is fuel related…think it could be the pump and/or screen on the pump? I think that’s what I’m going to try next (replace the fuel pump), I just need to find the time (and some extra money) to do it. Let me know what you think.

– Kevin

I think I have the exact problem as you do. Say when I first start driving and come to a stop in neutral, the engine would vibrate and the rpm would drop to almost 0 then go back up to about 1000 then back to 0 and so on. But after driving for like 10 mins, that would go away and the car would be fine. I have no idea what’s wrong. plz help.

i have been having that problem also, but i still have my b18 in there. somtimes when i take off in first it feels like it has no power second and then takes off fine. I have also noticed that between 2500 and 3500 rpms that it lacks power at times. i also have idle problems at times. im thinking that it could be the fuel pressure regulator but im not sure.

So does anyone have any ideas??!!??

it honestly feels exactly like the aircon being turned on and off again only it effects the power of the car much more


hey guys,
have any of you guys figured out what is causing the problem, i jsut resently started having almost the same problem. everything is fairly new except plug wires, O2 senor, and fuel filter. seriously i am having a weird stutter during idle and when i launch there is no power and then it just takes off. then while i am on the freeway i sometimes get no power when i step on the pedal. but you can hear the intake at wot but stuck at around 5-6 rpm when it sounds like its close to redline.

so what have you guys found out?


Just a shot in the dark… but do any of you have upgraded cams? Especially VTEC cams… when I added some Crower VTEC cams to my B17 my idle got a little bouncy. As for the hesitation problems, I have no idea about.

no i do not have cams on my car also i have a b18 so no vtec. also i noticed that my mpg is suffering too. what i mean by that is usually around half a tank i have gone more then 150 miles normal driving. but its like around 130. so could this be a fuel problem?

cap and rotor it’ll fix it

Check your fuel pressure - both at idle and at a steady 3000 RPM. If it’s fluctuating and not steady, your filter is clogged or your pump is going bad.

Check your TPS (throttle position sensor) - may be out of spec.

Replace the O2 sensor if it has more than 90k-100k on it.

Cap and rotor could also be worn - pull the cap and see how bad they are. That would also make it hard to start too though.

I had a problem just like b62pteg, and also like the orginal posters, I fixed it with a new O2 sensor and an ECU reset

The sugestions by stateofbean are also excelent places to start looking…

Thanks pirate252, I’ll have to look into gettin a new one. Hopefully that’ll take care of it. Even if it doesn’t it sure can’t hurt.

– Kevin

ok i adjusted my timeing today and i noticed that the problem kind of went away. but there i can not tell for sure. because it still felt sluggish.

what do you guys think? the timing should not have moved cause the three bold on the dizzy were tight.

man i just got that problem too but i got a b18a in my teg

the giving gas and not going we had on the red teg… o2 sensor fixed that pretty good… make sure if u pickup a boesch one… its the new style (look at the tip) one has fins to direct air in the other is just holes… u want the fins they work better

i have that problem in my new crx b18a1 motor,and i used to have a other b18a1 crx and i noticed that it doesnt have a lil silver box shaped looks like a lil msd ignition that connects to all the injector wires so mybe thats it,try stp injector cleaner maybe,it could be regulater,or if not its the dizzy