Power Steering Hard Lines to Steering Rack Corroded

I was able to purchase the two small lines to the steering rack control unit. Those two were severely corroded and was the cause of my power steering leak. I also found a third hard line that was severely corroded. One end of that line connects to the VSS and the other end goes to a plastic T-fitting on top of the rear beam. The line basically wraps around the rear transmission mount. This line is no longer available. I got a length rubber tubing from Honda and routed in place of that hard line. It seems to work fine but wanted to ask if others have done this and been successful. Is there somewhere else I could find this line other than the junkyard? I have looked at the internet sites but haven’t asked at the dealer.

You may be able to have one made at a place like Napa, if you take it off and give it to them.

Thanks 386. I thought of trying to bend a line myself but not to sure how to put the bulb/flare thing on each end of the line. I may give NAPA a shot if I can’t find one.

“brake line flare tool”… super easy to flare lines once you get the hang of it.

+1 it’s super easy. All you need is a pipe bender, pipe cutter and flare tool, both easy to come by at sears, autozone, advanced etc. Piping and flares are cheap @ Autozone etc as well. You will wonder why you spent some trying to buy the items when you could make it yourself in a few minutes.

Some examples:



Thanks for all the great info. I didn’t know it is called a bubble flare where the rubber tube slips over the bump on the end of the hard line. Very interesting how it made with a tool very much like a flaring tool. Thanks again for the info.

I deleted my ps and headlines, new manual vss no ps lines. and looped the lines on the rack.

I deleted all my PS stuff as well, did the PS valve removal and looped the lines and vss sensor, feels great! One of the best things I did to the car.