Power Steering Problem.

Hey Folks,

I’m hoping someone out there has had the similar problem I am having. I own a '90 Integra GS and it’s by far the best vehicle I’ve owned. I love it to death but a few minutes ago it developed a problem I haven’t seen before.

Symptoms: When moving slowly in first or reverse my steering goes from moving slowly to chunky. Almost feels like manual steering (YUCK). It does not do this at faster speeds.

Diagnosis so far: I have checked to make sure I still have a power steering belt attached to my pump. Yes, it is there. I checked my power steering fluid level. It is definitely down but there is still some fluid in there. Belt is still tight.

Thought of as culprit: Power steering pump is gonna die, low on power steering fluid, rack and pinion is warning me it’s gonna die.

Anyone have this problem before? What was your fix. All replies will be usefull.

Thank you


Is there any evidence of power steering fluid leaking from the pump? or one of the lines? It’s gotta be goin somewhere right?

Try and find that out, and top up your fluid.

Thanks for a quick reply. I haven’t seen any evidence of a loss of fluid (puddle under the car, wet greasy hose, etc).

At first open I’m going to pick up some power steering fluid and top it up. Hopefully that will fix the prob.


It COULD be your speed sensor for the PS system. I remember reading something about that in the Helms. (It feels stiff at slow speeds but regular at high speeds)