Power steering pump leak

I have a leak in my power steering that is really annoying. it gets oil all over the drivers side of of the engine bay as it sprays off the belts. Can power stearing fluid with sealers in it be used in our power stearing. I know it says to use only Honda power steering fluid but this stuff stopped a leak in a truck I have. Also how does removing the power steering work. Will the rack still last for years or does it shorten life. I have heard bad things about removing the pump in a power steering system and not going to a manual rack.


the leak in the power steering pump is probably pretty easy to fix, if it’s like the one I had in my car.
take out the pump, and remove the pulley (this is a LEFT-HAND thread, so turn clockwise to loosen… and be careful not to break it!). You’ll probably see that it’s the rubber seal below the pulley that’s leaking. you can get that from acura for a couple bucks. and to change it, all you gotta do is take the top manifold off the pump (the 4 bolts behind the pulley), pull the old seal out and put the new one in. then put everything back together.