power steering removal

already tried search, does anyone know the size of the bolts you use to plug the holes in your power steering system when you remove it?

what holes u need to plug? How much of the system are you planning to remove?


Just some information for you.

Regarding the holes left in the block, those can be left open no problem.

I meant the holes where the hoses connect to.

I just connected the two lines by where
the resivoir used to be with one hose. I
didnt plug the lines, just looped them together.

I’m interested in this as well. There are four lines coming out of the valve body, and I’m not sure which ones need capped and which ones need looped.

Not sure about any holes in the block, but theres
two lines that are the upper and lower hoses to
the resivoir. Pull it all out and cut the hose to do
a u-turn and complete that line.

As far as the main line to the pump, you can cut it
before the sensor thats on it and block the hose or
do like I did and unplug that thing cut the line out
and call it good. No codes from leaving whatever
that plug is undone.

Here is a list of the lines coming out of the valve body.

From pump (high pressure line)
To reservoir
To speed sensor
To oil cooler

So should I loop the two lines that go to the reservoir (the reservoir and oil cooler lines above). Then cap off the high pressure and speed sensor feed lines?

sure. connect what you can and just plug the rest.

It doesent matter how, just leave nothing open.
Eliminating the system altogether.

Okay, so it would be okay to just cap everything. I was under the impression some of the lines would need to be looped together to let fluid flow out and back in.

Some peeps say leaving fluid in the rack is heavy.
I dont find it to be a problem, and others agree
that its best to keep the p/s rack lubricated a little,
as opposed to taking out the p/s rack altogether.

I know I need to keep it lubricated, I’m just not sure if it’s okay to cap all the lines or loop some of them.

Keeping it lubed is what your doing when you
cap up and re-route the system.

No biggie.