Power Window Broken??

My drivers side power window isnt working. Anyone have problems with finding a motor for the window? I checked the switch and it seems to be working just fine. Anyone know how to check for sure if the motor is dead.


I dont know either …my passenger side window went out …i am not sure if its the motor or not …some shop told me it was the relays

dualdtmz check your driver’s side little box where both of the switches are, if you have a 2 door, If you take the panel off and look behind the switch box try to notice if the plastic piece where the adapter goes is broken or not and if is crack that probably why your window doesn’t work because the same thing happened to me before, HiTechGSR try that too.

Ok …today i am going to check everything and clean all the connections

Cleaned All connections in my switch and the plug to the switch is totally fine. I think that i have a dead motor. Any Ideas on how much they go for??

the window motors on g2’s prettymuch suck ass i tell ya …

mine went out a while back and i found a motor at a parts yard out in the valley (socal).

it was like 50 bucks and they delivered it to my shop cause i offered to pay for the guys gas hahahaha.

the motors are pretty easy to replace its jus a couple of screws. it’ll probly take you an hour er so if its your first time.

check your fuses first though. might jus be a poped fuse.