power window doesn't work when hot outside?

WTH! Is it the motor or switch(s)? anyone ever had this happed to them? :wahmb:

Could be either one, you will need to do some testing, do you have a 12V test light?

I will have to assume your talking about the drivers door window, if not clarify

If you have a test light, pull the drivers switch, [main switch] leave switch plugged in, find the red/blue and red/yellow leads, connect the test light ground clip to one of the leads and the test light probe to other lead, turn ign. switch on and rock the switch for up and down, if test light lights up in both directions the switch is good and problem is the motor, if test light does not light up in both directions the switch is bad.

The above needs to be done when window is not working, obviously.

If it is the pass. window, use the blue/yellow and blue/black at pass. door switch. 94

yea bro thanks for the reply. Its the passanger side door. I think its the motor as it doesn’t matter which switch i use. Funny thing it works when the weather is cool, so I think the motor or wiring has a cold solder???

I will check with a test light after the meet. thanks again…

Actually, if the passenger side switch is broken then the driver side switch won’t lower that window. Happened to me before.

I was thinking about that, so now i know have to find a switch and try that out…

BTW you missed the meet! Nice turnout…

Before you spend money on parts you may not need, do the test I suggested, it will tell you if it is the switch or the motor, also befor you do anything else, replace the pass. window fuse, yes even if it looks good, a defective fuse can be effected by temp. 94