Power window help, passenger side, keeps blowing fuses

One day my Passenger side window stopped working, thankfully it was rolled up at the time. I had just cleaned the switch as in the teg tip, and it worked great, just like new. So I lock up my for the night, then the next moring when I come out, start up my car, roll my driverside window down, then try to roll down my passenger side on my 1990 GS 2-door. Nothing. I then go and check the fuse, and it’s blown. Well ok then, I change the fuse, and still nothing. I go through about 3 fuses by putting a new one in, and then flipping the switch to check it. It just keeps blowing fuses.
So I believe that I have a problem, as in a short of some sort. Now I am open to any oppinons, as I live in california, and it’s not fun only have one window work and no A/C. So please any help, is appreciated.
Thanks :up:

maybe when you were putting everything back after cleaning the power window switches, you pinched one of the wires when putting the door panel back on?

try taking out the door panel and see if any wires looked pinched or have a slight cut in it.

I would take the switch back apart and check to make sure the contacts didn’t become dislodged and maybe shorted together.

I will do thoughs both, thanks for the input, will keep you updated.

Passenger Window Blowing Fuses

I have the same problem. However mines started after my car was recovered from being stolen. Since then I have had a few electrical issues. My fan blower burnt out, fuses, etc… I need help in figuring out a resolution to the passenger windows fuse. Sometimes it will goes days before it shorts out. Really confused. Any help would be great, thanks. :manual: