ppl with Jumpy Idle, High Idle, etc.

Ok… I FINALLY SOLVED MY PROBLEM! This may not do it for all of you but it sure fixed mine=)

My car used to idle/jump between 1200-1700… sometimes idle at 700… then back to 1200 at the next redlight… it bothered me so much!

I first checked my coolant level… no problem… changed my O2 sensor… nope…(that fixed my boggy feeling in low rpms though), then I noticed my thermostat going, so i replaced my thermostat and did a FULL COOLANT FLUSH…

my idle is perfect now=)

thought I should let ppl know? cuz i hear there are a lot of peepz out there with this problem.



thanks for the info my car does the same thing

it’s called over cooling… your thermostat was stuck open.