PR3 ecu problem

Allright guys I will straight to the point I am Honda mechanic and I think I have the problem figured out i was just going to run this by some of the really smart ones on here!!! I done ls-vtec 6 months ago and the car was never really that much faster needed clutch replaced runs alittle better but I broke off my O2 sensor (stuck in closed loop) while I was removing the trans and since the check engine light has not came on and also I had a few people drive it and just stuck the wire back in the hole and the fuel air meter was reading stoich ( normal) and the said it just didnt feel as powerfull as stock LS from 1000-5000 rpms but when vtec kicks she pulss hard until about 8600 (head is P72 96 gsr) so I tried friends PWO ecu chipped and the car spun through 4th pulled better than ever killed gsr on street!! My ecu is pr3 8800 rev limit 5200 vtec no knock sensor chipped bought it online ebay! My friends is pwo no rev limit from! Should i just try and find different chip for mine I have allready tried one that had no rev limit and 4400 vtec it was worse than mine! or sell my ecu and buy pwo and send it out for chipping??? Please only serious replys If someone here thinks my computer would be fine in there car versus pwo I will trade in a sec!!

I think you should try to use periods and commas. I just read it and it sounded like a little kid rambling.

On another note why the hell are you revving an lsvtec to 8800 (or even 8600!)? I hope the bottom end is built.


Fuel Tuning

I have an LS-VTEC with CAI and 4-2-1 header. I had a similar problem and also could not pass emissions (high NOx). Specific to my engine setup utilizing a PR3-003 ECU, I used BRE to figure out that I was running too lean and adjusted the fuel accordingly (Thanks Ben Ogle.). Now the car acts like it has a purpose, and I was able to pass emissions. If any of you need a copy of my bin file just let me know.