Pr3 Ecu

wanted to know if Gas & temp gauges run off ecu?? Just finsihed motor swap and they dont work.(b16a) with PR3 ecu. Was wondering if anybody knows why my dam seatbelt sound keeps going beep,beep,beep after I connect all seatbelts.
91 integ. GS

I don’t know why they would be unplugged, but there are plugs that go from the bottom of the seat to the car. When I bought my car, these weren’t plugged in and I had the seatbelt beeping all the time.

that’s the problem then, i put the seats in so I can tell you that I forgot to do that…thanks…anybody know if the fuel and temp gauges run off of the ECU???

im not sure about the temp guage cause someting has to tell the fan on the radiator to come on but as far as the fuel guage i am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with the ecu.

got a pr3 ecu on my b18a beside the cel for the atmospheric pressure sensor everything else works fine!

Check fuse 23 and its associated wiring.


Will check the fuse 23???see what happens…thanks for the reply’s.