PR3 or P73 pistons

Need some help deciding which to go with. I am rebuilding a B17 with Skunk IM, CTR cams, and either PR3 usdm b16 or P73 usdm itr pistons. I want to stay with OEM pistons. I also have I/H/E already. I live in cali so I need to pass smog. Thanks in advance!

Increasing CR will raise exhaust temps and probably raise NOx. It looks like the P73’s will give you a little less CR, but they do take machining to fit onto b17 rods. The .01 difference in CR is probably not significant.

curious, are skunk2 IM’s even smog legal in cali?

Yep the Skunk2 IM for B series engines are carb legal in cali its one of the main reasons I bought it. Does anyone know how high of a CR I can go? I checked both C speed and Zeal calculators for the CR on my car the C speed had 10.7 with PR3 and 10.2 with P73A0 (which I think is a little off) And on zeal 10.7 with PR3 and 10.5 with P73A0

are you going to boost it or stay na?

Just remember that intake manifold maybe legal but if you add a header and intake it will void that out.

And for the pistons look for some Y.C.P/Vitara Pistons

staying NA

The pr3’s would be good. If you want higher cr go with p73-00 since it’s not going to take rod machining.
Im in a similar boat with my b17 I lost my rings in #1 so Im throwing new parts in all around…
Though like scratchy said you’re going to raise those NOx levels… I don’t know cali’s rules on emissions and stuff so all I can say more CR:More power =p

carb legal… but is there a carb # thingy? if so is it year specific cuz i’m pretty sure everything that has a carb # has a year range. i work right next to a referee station, and i’ve seen many many many hondas and other vehicles fail bcuz the year of the carb stamp was off cuz they do look at those #'s. and i dunno if u have a gsr or just have b17 in there… but if that or anything else isn’t legit with ur year then you’re screwed.

go with pr3 or JDM p30s

It’s a 93 GSR no swap. I’m in colorado though so emissions are less strict… it’s hard enough to get the dam things to run at this altitude. I know min has a cali carb legal aem intake cause that’s where it came from. Also running the dc 4-2-1 header that came from out there so… it should be coo to go with the type-r pistons and intake/exhaust… my 0.02

I rebuilt my B17A1 with some PR3 pistons.

Plus they dont require any machining unlike the Type R pistons.

[QUOTE=thatblkguy;2036245]And for the pistons look for some Y.C.P/Vitara Pistons[/QUOTE]vitaras are for the d-series engines.

OP: have you smogged already? i dont think that ctr cams will pass.

yall sure the jdm-r pistons require machining?

I’ve got a set with b17 rods that will be up for sale soon…just need rings =)

[QUOTE=90DB1T;2041495]vitaras are for the d-series engines.

OP: have you smogged already? i dont think that ctr cams will pass.[/QUOTE]

y.c.p are the makers of the vitaras.

as with other makers… not the point. i was busting your nuts about the minor mistake of including “vitaras” in your post. relax :wink:

CTR cams should pass smog as long as you have a good cat