pr4 ECU foor b16a1

so guys i swaped in my obd0 b16a1 into my 90 integra gs it runs well and i enjoy it but i think is should be quicker i am currently running my stock pr4 ecu and i have VTEC wired to a switch on my steering wheel is there any problems with running this ecu liek timiing fuel etc? thanks

Where do I start? A PR4 ECU only has fuel mappings for a single powerband. When you engage the VTEC solenoid, it requires a different fuel map & timing.

You say you have your solenoid hooked up to a switch? Why? It’s easier to do it the right way (VTEC ECU) or at least get a VTEC controller.

VTEC isn’t this magic thing. It’s still dependent on several systems. Unless you’re going for the boy racer look by having a switch that controls it.


well the reason that i did it that way was becasue 1. i didnt really have the cash to throw down after buying skunk 2 cams ferrea valve springs and retainers, having it balanced and blueprinted and rods shot peened, on a new ecu. it runs just fine though, although if i do not switch into VTEC after liek 5k i feel quite a loss in power but you said that the fuel maps change when the VTEC ECU is in vtec mode so if i added a vtec controller would it alter the fuel and timing maps when VTEC is engaged as well?? thanks

Its easier to run the engine with a pr3 ecu, u just have to hook up a few more wires to run VTEC off the ecu like the way it suppose to run from the factory (I assume that u would have all the sensors on the engine already), and PR3 ECU will give u a higher rev limiter too, or u can install a VAFC to run VTEC and VAFC can some what adjust ur A/F ratio at different rpm and give u a little more tuning abilities. I had VAFC and PR4 ECU when I first did my swap… hope this would help u out :shrug:

:idea: just get the correct ecu and you will be fine…any pre obd vtec ecu will suffice ie. xsi or pr3 crx…both arent exactly easy to find, but will be what u need in the long run if you plan on keepin the car.