Prelude Seats?

Please believe me when I say that I have searched for about 2 collective hours, but did not find the information I was looking for.

My buddy has a 1992 Prelude Si with Leather interior. He is getting new corbeau seats so he said I could take his stock seats from him. When I went to see what the fitment would be like, 3 of 4 bolts line up. The back left bolt wasn’t the same. So I turned to message boards to SEARCH. It looked to me that the G3 integra seats have the same problem. So when I read on, people just said to switch the brackets. This is much easier said than done. I tried and got a fair amount into the project, but started to think maybe I could just switch the sliding rails. My biggest concern is the automatic belts. Can I just bolt the rails and then bolt on the seatbelt holder?

Any feedback would be extremely helpful, because these seats are much nicer than mine.