Preparing car for HPDE. Suggestions?

The car is stock. I wanted to get some suggestions from you knowledgeable people.

My main concern is trying to prevent brake fade. What I’m looking at is ATE Super Blue and Axxis Ultimate pads. This isn’t overkill for a stock brake setup is it? If anyone has better suggestions or just wants to put some more info on the table please feel free.

Another thing I had on my mind is running a thicker oil for the event? It seems to be a lot of track time and so the extra protection is welcome. I normally run 10w30, but read a post by Oz suggesting a 40 or 50 for track.
I’ve been thinking about just running 10w40 all year since I’ve started autocross, and it couldn’t hurt for spirited driving I’m sure.

If there’s any other misc. info you’d like to share please do. Thanks.

I would talk to itaintegrals. hes the man when it comes to autoX…

thats him driving there and he can be found in that thread. good luck.

Nothing helps with brake cooling on a track like brake ducts (or bigger brakes).

I’d do an oil/filter change and a general tune-up (plugs/wires/cap/rotor/timing) and look over your car to make sure that everything is tight and secure. Get an alignment if its off.

Also check out your coolant system. If you haven’t flushed your fluid in a while do that. I flushed mine before going go the track in August and I also added some Redline Water Wetter to help with further cooling.

Bleed your brakes too, or flush them if the fluid’s really old. You don’t want any water or air in your lines.