price and parts for b20/vtec setup

What parts would I need if I got a b20 block and a b16 head? I plan on using the ls tranny I currently have. So what other parts would I need to complete the swap? Currently I have everything stock in a 92 ls. Also, could you give some prices or anyone out there that would like to make an offer is welcome. Thanks for the help.

i would not use the LS tranny trust me you will be very disappointed in your swap…As far as pricing it depends on how you want to do the swap…Some people would say you can get away without rebuilding the bottom end and just slapping the head on but i personally wouldn’t even waste my time and money doing it that way cause you will end up having to rebuilt it later and then you will have to pay for someone to take out the motor again and then re-build it and as all of this is going on you have no car…Do it right the first time and this way you can just put the motor in and know that it rebuilt and can handle what you are doing to it…This is just my 2 cents…As far as what you will need:
b16a head:$200-$250
ls/vtec fittings:$100
obd1 ECU
fuel reg.
Now there are things that are always suggested to change on any swap which include:
1.oil pump
2.water pump
3.all new gaskets and seals timing belt
And if your going to rebuild ( which i suggest ) you will need the following:
1.aftermarket pistons/rings
2.Stronger rods ( you can either shotpeen or get eagle rods )
3.arp rod bolts ( eagles come with )

Im sure there’s more but im at work and i can’t think of everything right now…If you have questions about the swap and want to learn more just do a search for ls/vtec it’s the same as crv/vtec just a different bottom end…


I don’t know why everyone dislikes the ls tranny so much. The top couple gears are a little doggy with the ls engine, but if (when) i add some b20 torque to it, there’s no way i’ll be dissapointed.

fyi, im plannin on FI this summer after the engine so the ls tranny should hook up pretty well with a turbo!

Originally posted by relic_sypher
fyi, im plannin on FI this summer after the engine so the ls tranny should hook up pretty well with a turbo!

I was gonna say that you’d get better gas milage with the ls tranny over the b16 if you do much hiwy driving, but if you’re going turbo, then forget that idea.